Welcome To My New Home On The Web

I woke up this morning with a very specific thought in my head; that it’s time for me to get back to blogging. Needless to say this was NOT based on the fact that my life is immensely interesting, nor that I have lots of valuable things I feel compelled to share with the world outside my head, but because I have been blessed with the ability to write endlessly about absolutely nothing.

Said and done! Still wearing the blue chequered pyjama shorts I’ve nicked off my partner and my Silverchair tee I headed for the computer. (I say headed, but in reality it was a mere foot or so from my original position on the sofa).

Now, as some of you will already be aware I used to blog using MySpace, but, to be honest so much has happened in my life since my last blog post there that I felt a fresh start was in order. And so, minutes later my new home on the web had been registered. Perhaps not the most commercially powerful domain name, but I reckon that at least one or two of you will be able to successfully store the web address in your memory.

As we speak I am still waiting to get the details for my account so that I can actually upload this unimaginably important piece of news. However, not one to waste valuable time (well, at least not today) I naturally decided to start working on today’s blog right away; the result of which you are now reading.

So, what’s new?
Well, lots, actually. Tons.

So that’s what I will use this blog for – a place to update you guys on what’s happening with me. As you know my life has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster lately and since I’ve not been exactly great at keeping in touch with you I reckon this could be a good way to make sure you all know that I’m still roaming the surface of this earth; it’s been a bit of a rough ride, but hopefully it’ll prove to be worth staying on it in the end.

Seeing as this is my first blog in a long time I think I’ll keep this virgin entry [no pun intended] in a more low key tone and stick to less personal and more general news:

The very newest of news in my life is that Dev got us a VoIP/landline combination phone yesterday. Very funky, especially since it means that now you people can give me a ring on Skype pretty much whenever you feel like it and it’ll ring on our normal phone. No more texting back and forth agreeing on times to come online, just logon to your Skype account and give us a bell.

I’ve already tested this phone with a few people and all I can say is that it’s bleeding brilliant! From now on I’ll be able to talk to you from absolutely anywhere in our enormous flat, even the bathroom! Fancy that! Does it get any better than that!? YES, it flippin’ DOES! I can even take my Skype phone outside and sit on the tiny little patch of grass outside the flat! (Although, being that I live in the UK that’s fairly unlikely to happen, owing to the frequent rain and yobs littering the area).

Anyway, that’s it for now, as far as updates are concerned. Just allowing you to ease back into my life before hitting you with the hardcore stuff.

All the very best and more,


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