Spinning Around Like Nobody’s Watching

Been sitting here for over an hour, thinking “You really ought to update your blog!”. Only I’m finding it hard to paint in words today. Don’t have a clue what’s really going on inside of me. Maybe I’m over-tired, maybe I’m just a bit off.. I don’t know. But I feel oddly detached from my own reality this evening.

So, what do I do? Well, same as always. I put some music on. See what fits the mood, and go from there. Land on Sister Hazel’s “Everybody”. Serious makemehappymusic with fantabulous lyrics:

Like a junkie to a rush
I’d trade my mama for your touch
Oh, wait! That might just be too much
Well, I’d do anything but that…..

Stuff to make you smile. Make you want to crazy-dance around your room.

And so I do. Smile. Manically. Grin, really. And crazy-dance, too.

It helps. It really does. Puts me in the mood for living. Freely and happily.

Another line, from another song, has been on my mind throughout the weekend.
What it takes to be me. I’ve been thinking about it. What does it take to be me?
Could anyone do it? Or am I the only one for this particular job? It feels like an important question. A big one. One that warrants its own blog entry. Perhaps.

But not tonight.

Tonight I am happy to just be spinning around like nobody’s watching.

Feel free to join me. Go on – you know you want to.

I dare you!


Everybody by Sister Hazel [Two videos]

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