While Waiting To Find Some Words..

..here are some semi-random bits of art I’ve done recently.

Challenged myself to try out different styles of art to help me through a recent therapy break. [Hopefully I’ll write more about that break, soon.] I am always telling people [especially children] that anyone can draw – so whenever I decided to draw something I didn’t know if I could, I dedicated it to one of the kids in my life, because – really – how can I tell them that they can draw anything they want, if I hesitate to try new things myself?

So, good people, grab yourself a pencil or crayon or brush and do some art!

It’s good for the soul.


A wolf I drew this morning


Another wolf
[A theme is emerging..]


A Very Frightened Little Bunny Rabbit
[Little S drew this to contrast a previous drawing to show how vulnerable she felt
We used it in a recent therapy session]


A seahorse – just to see if i could draw one


Roaring Grizzly Bear
[Watched a bunch of online tutorials on how to draw tribal style animals, so can’t take full credit]

Cinderella Wolf
[Therapy drawing: Little S drew this howling tribal wolf on a night she felt very sad
and wanted to let her sorrow out]


Polygonal Bunny Rabbit


[Playing around with some new Copic markers]

Maskrosbarn / So Near And Yet So Far
A drawing by Little S about attachment, separation and daring to reach out
Which dandelion is trapped inside the chain link fence?


Only recently discovered that this style has a name: zentangling or zendoodling..


A rough tattoo design I did on comission for a random chap I met at the library


I Love My Kånken
An ode to my favourite backpacks: Fjällräven Kånken


Devil's In The Detail?

Devil’s In The Detail?


Not Better, Not Worse – Just Different
[Therapy drawing about sometimes feeling like my brain doesn’t work in quite the same way as other peoples’]



My very first dragon

 That’s all, folks! 

10 responses

  1. Hey there,
    I’m glad you like it. The dandelion picture is something Little S drew, in part to try to express that wish to reach out in therapy, and in part to show that sometimes it is impossible to know who is trapped and who isn’t. The Swedish title of the drawing is “Maskrosbarn” which means ‘dandelion child’ – a term used in Sweden, about children who grow up in difficult circumstances [abuse, poverty etc], because just like dandelions they are strong and can get through almost anything, thrive even in a concrete jungle..

    Take good care,


  2. I’m really glad that you like them. I have started using art a lot in therapy. In fact, I used a picture I drew of my soul in today’s session. P. [my therapist] asked me to text her a photo of the drawing later. Both P. and I find it really useful to use my drawings, since sometimes words just aren’t enough. I’d recommend anyone to make use of art, poetry, music etc etc in therapy. It really adds to it!

    Look after yourself.


  3. Hi – I love these. Beautiful – particularly the dandelion (beautiful yet tragic concept) and the tribal art. Speaks to something in me. I have used poetry in my therapy sessions. I also draw and paint but have never dared to take anything along. You may have just given me the courage.

    So good to see the images and good to see you posting.

    By the way… wanted to share this with you. I went along for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Found it enriching.

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Survivors-Together-Action-Against-Child-Abuse/1507591606147235 @ST_together

    With love xxxx

  4. Hello there,

    Thanks for stopping by!
    I’m really glad that you like my art. I have to admit that I, too, am particularly fond of the dandelion drawing, because it was me [Adult Me] handing over the reins [pencils] to Little S, allowing her to express herself, without me interfering or trying to perfect her art.

    The tribal drawings I can really only take partial credit for, since I watched/read/followed tons of online tutorials to learn how to draw in that style, and I’m really only a beginner at this point.

    Using poetry in therapy is great. I’ve done that too, and it can be really helpful. I’m glad that you may now also be introducing your art into therapy – I am sure it will enrich it. I know it has for me!

    I also use lyrics and music a lot, because sometimes I can’t find words of my own to express my feelings, but someone else’s lyrics or music might. Also, P. [my therapist] sent me a song to listen to that she really likes and that can help me feel close to her between sessions. [Helps that it turned out to be one of my absolute favourites, too!]

    Take good care of your Self,


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  6. Hi!

    I really like your tribal standing bear and would like to possibly use it with some minor modifications as my company logo. I run a consulting agency dedicated to vocal advocacy of medical patients suffering with chronic illnesses. A standing bear directly represents my interests in strong patient advocacy. Please contact me at bw@taoheart.com if you think this might be okay. It would be my honor. Thank you in advance for considering.

    Best Regards,

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