A few words to those of you who know me outside of this bloggelated version of myself and have stumbled upon this blog:

Firstly, a very warm welcome;
I am glad to see you!

Secondly, as this is a semi anonymous blog, if you post a comment, please don’t mention me by name. It isn’t a case of this blog necessarily being a secret, but it is to do with the fact that – being someone who is very careful about my online presence [if you are friends with me on The Great Book Of Faces you will know exactly what I’m talking about] – I really don’t want this blog to be in any way searchable via my name.

If you are someone who knows who I am, but don’t really know me all that well, I should probably give fair warning that you may well read things about me on this blog that are a little shocking. They’re not massive secrets as such; I tend to be very open with people I meet about the ups and downs of my life, but obviously there are things that don’t come up in day-to-day conversation.. So, beware.

Finally, if you read something on here and find yourself thinking “Hang on a second, that’s not really how it is, is it?”, or, “That’s not how I thought it happened”, or, “That’s not how she told the story to me“, well, you’re probably absolutely right. As it says on the proverbial tin, this is an honesty-focused blog, so while I try my very best to always be honest about my own feelings and takes on things, I do sometimes have to use artistic and creative licence to tweak and alter aspects of what I write. The intention is never to be untruthful or deceptive, but it is simply done so as to be able to illustrate things – a relationship, an incident, a conversation with someone – and still maintain anonymity and protect other people’s identities.

Anyway, dear friends, I do hope you will find something readworthy on these pages.

Be kind to your Self,


PS. Sorry, if you clicked on this page link, hoping to find an exhaustive list of everyone who knows me, along with a whole load of previously unpublished and rather saucy info about me. I know it’s disappointing. Do feel free to check out my About Me page, which you may find more to your taste.

As a writer and sometimes artist I have to ensure that what I publish online is properly protected, thus all blog entries and images on this site are protected by international copyright and intellectual property laws. If you would like to use any of the images or writings on this site, please contact me before you do so, so that we can work out a fair usage agreement. Copyright © 2008 – 2021 All rights reserved
Please be aware that this blog deals with important but sometimes difficult issues, and may therefore not be suitable for children to read on their own.

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